Sound bar vs house movie theater vs surround sound system: which is ideal?

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TV sound systems: do I need one?

Modern slim TVs look fantastic, especially compared to the boxy CRT tvs of yesteryear. Sadly, sound top quality is often jeopardized as there’s much less space inside for built-in speakers so they have actually been required to decrease in dimension.


Connecting a border sound system, sound bar or – for a less costly solution – your hi-fi to the TELEVISION could dramatically improve your audio encounter. If you’re not satisfied with your TELEVISION’s noise, then you’ll intend to consider among these options. But whether you need one depends upon your TV, space dimension, budget as well as demands. If you currently own a stereo, after that the easiest and also least expensive means to update your sound high quality is to link it to your TELEVISION using a phono, 3.5 mm or electronic optical wire.

This may not be for every person and, depending upon what you see most, a residence cinema system or sound bar will certainly do the very best task of enhancing your noise. Multi-speaker border stereos and house movie theater systems have actually been popular considering that the days of blocky CRT tellies, specifically with audio-visual enthusiasts looking for to recreate the movie theater experience in their living room. Nevertheless, the thought of trailing cables and placing sound speakers around the room is enough to put off many individuals – this is where a sound bar could step in.

Sound bars vs house cinema systems vs surround sound systems

Residence cinema systems usually can be found in a 5.1 arrangement, comprising of three front speakers. These are located to the left, right as well as center of your TV with 2 rear sound speakers sat behind you and a speaker which takes care of the bass. Equipment mentioned as offering 7.1 ch or 9.1 ch audio can comprise up to eight sound speakers, yet small 2.1 and 3.1 systems comprising three to four sound speakers are additionally offered. Some systems have a couple of wireless audio speakers amongst them, minimizing the number of wires about the location. All the models we test likewise come with a Blu-ray gamer.

Surround stereo are basically a house movie theater system, comprising the amplifier and also sound speakers yet don’t come with the Blu-ray or DVD game. Audio speaker bundles are much cheaper to purchase compared to divides, as well as are an excellent alternative for audiophiles or those who currently own a DVD or Blu-ray gamer, though one isn’t important as the system could feed the audio directly from the TV to the sound speakers.

Sound bars are a compact system comprising a number of speakers in one rectangular enclosure that can rest together with your TV or be placed here it on a wall surface. They are simpler to set up compared to home movie theater systems as well as some also come with an external subwoofer so you do not lose out on the lower frequencies, such as deep bass seems in songs as well as films.

All offer stereo noise, from left and also ideal audio speakers, plus optional methods such as 3D or border sound where the audio is electronically processed to recreate a digital surround-sound result. Numerous versions supply a separate subwoofer that is cordless, linking with the sound bar to receive audio wirelessly, so the only wire link is one to a power outlet. The vast majority of sound bars are speaker systems, yet a minority make up a built-in Blu-ray player.

Is a sound bar or residence cinema system finest for TV or films and just what is the low-cost option?

Depending on your budget plan, room dimension, and just what you enjoy most, we provide our judgment on which option could be the best way for you to boost your TELEVISION noise.

Best for TELEVISION: sound bars TV

Programs and movies transmitted on typical interpretation TV are typically videotaped in stereo, so the sound is divided across simply two stations, left and also right. These do not maximize a home movie theater system set-up so if you don’t plan on seeing Blu-ray films or anything else videotaped in surround-sound you’re better off opting for a sound bar.

That’s not to claim that movie followers will be disappointed as the most effective noise bars will certainly do justice to also the most action-packed movie, while bringing TV dramas and music to life. In our tests sound bars rack up more than home movie theater systems for stereo sound high quality. They are also more affordable, occupy much less space and also do not need circuitry around your area, simply connect them right into your TV using an optical or HDMI ARC port as well as away you go.

Pros: Compact, renovation on TELEVISION speakers, usually much cheaper than residence movie theater systems Disadvantages: Pseudo border sound struggles to compete with specialized home cinema systems.

Find out which covered our tests –

Best for motion picture fanatics: house cinema as well as border sound systems.

The majority of Blu-ray movies are videotaped in a multi-channel format, such as Dolby Digital, as well as have surround-sound tracks on them. When you play the Blu-ray back through a connected 5.1 house cinema system you will experience seem like you would in the movie theater, with special impacts originating from throughout the area. Some sound bars assert to be able to duplicate this surround-sound impact however our examinations show they can’t compete with a friendly house movie theater system.

Sure movies as well as shows evaluated on TELEVISION are additionally recorded in surround noise – numerous can be discovered on the Sky Movie as well as high definition channels – to discover them merely keep an eye out for the Dolby Digital logo or DD on the details bar. However if room is a premium or you desire a less complicated setup, as well as largely desire great-quality audio for TELEVISION programmes as well as films, after that a sound bar will likely satisfy your needs.

Pros: The most effective choice for a real surround sound encounter

Cons: Great deals of parts suggests more mess, along with tracking wires (although cordless models are readily available)

Finest budget means to improve TELEVISION audio: link hi-fi audio speakers

Connecting your stereos to your TV is an economical and straightforward means to upgrade your TV’s noise. All you need is a suitable wire which can be grabbed for less than ₤ 10 and will transfer sound to your hi-fi speakers. Inspect your TELEVISION to see if it has an optical digital out socket, as this will provide the best sound high quality.

If it doesn’t have this, go with the red and also white phono outlets, or 3.5 mm headset outlet which is normally made use of to play songs from a smartphone, MP3 player, tablet or computer system.

Pros: Cheap solution for improving sound

Cons: Not one of the most classy fix

Many Micro Hi-Fis can play songs online streaming solutions and over Bluetooth, not just CDs and radio