Choosing A Top SEO Firm

Top SEO Firm

If you are struggling to get new clients, one of the best way to boost your business is to hire one of the many SEO Firms in the country. Every city has SEO experts that can boost your rankings getting you to page one of the major search engines. That’s where all your leads will come from.

So many times I hear a client mention that they will just use Adwords. I ask them every single time if they ever have clicked on an ad in Google. Every single time I get the same answer. “NO”! Well what makes you think that your clients will click on your ad?

From what I have gathered from interviewing people about the SEO vs. Adwords debate, is that people just assume that the top listed professionals are the best. The thought is if someone has to pay to be on page 1 of Google, than they didn’t earn it by their quality of work. Just a fact.

When choosing an SEO agency, there are a few things you need to ask.

  1. What are they going to charge me?

Very important here. SEO is an investment. It’s not a quick fix. Generally you should plan on 4 to 6 months of work before you see the results. Starting an SEO agency is the same way. Any good SEO has invested spend thousands of hours and all of their own money working for free to prove what they can do. That’s how one top seo firm started. Stay away from the quick $397.00 packages. You are just going to be up sold anyway.

  1. Can your SEO show you some rankings?

Generally businesses do not want SEO’s using their rankings to sell their SEO service. That just puts out to their competitors that SEO service is being used.  However, any SEO can show you some of their rankings. If they don’t then do not hire them. Also its not totally necessary, but ask if your SEO is currently ranking for any “city name + SEO”. Any SEO worth their salt should be doing this.

  1. The biggest question to ask is “What’s my ROI”?

Lets say you are a plastic surgeon who makes about $11,000.00 for every surgery you do. Isn’t it an absolute no-brainer to pay an SEO $1500.00 a month? It is. All you have do is have that SEO bring you 2 clients in an entire year to be in profit. it’s a no-brainer.